Highway to Oblivion

De musikiW
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*Extreme Power Metal (2019)*


Visual Music


When the lights have turned to grey On the dawning final day See the sun now fade away Can we find the words to say All the times we fought in vain Though the years and seasons change But we all still feel the same As we stand before the world

Feel the engines fire Feel the thunder rise Now touch the path of glory Power to the turbo drive Hot wheels of fire burn strong Flash lightning fries the brain On a course to no tomorrow Driving all of us insane City lights laid out before us Go forth for now your time has come Now your time has come

In flash of blue steel, to the far horizons Supersonic power, on the wings of a dream Down the roads so far, with nowhere to hide Like a star shooting right from the sky Slow down for no one, never look back now tonight

Feel the power beyond redline Lost forever in space and time Higher and higher adrenalin surging Wheels of fire will burn tonight Leave the trials of life behind Blasting on at the speed of light Tearing up the highway to oblivion

500 miles an hour All gravity defied We touched the taste of glory So close the finish line Bright lights still glare before us Give it up for now your time has come

Like a demon on wheels, though the cursed blue mountains Don’t let a minute go by, give it all till the end On a one way street living in the fast lane Feel the passion that runs through your veins Faster with fury to the end of all our days


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