Week 4 – Rock Band Rivals

Week 4 – Rock Band Rivals


And the third Rock Band 4 Rivals Challenge week is ending. But the challenge is just starting for expert high-level Rock Band Gamers.

I have my own crew (BEAROCKHERO) it´s a crew of one lonely member. And I would like to change that.
This season Rock Band tempted to me with special items.

I must say that Rock Band Rivals gives me the opportunity to fight against other many crews around the world. And the best way for me to be competitive is having the most of songs they propose for several reasons:

First, because I´m one lonely member crew, but I play #FullBand (obviously not at the same time).

Second, because those special songs give me more rivals points percentage.

And third, because they always include at least one new DLC, and it´s great to expand my songs library each week.

Eight songs for eight weeks of lethal Challenge and testing my skills with the songs they usually pick for us.

Today Rock Band offer to us three new songs as an appetizer for the next week starting July 25, and thanks to the Spotlight Pass, I already have one of them. This Thursday, “Alligator”

Let´s Rock!!!!!



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