I always wanted to be a RockStar..

I always wanted to be a RockStar..

I always wanted to be a rockstar,  and I never have been so close that with Rock Band 4

I´m remembering the first time that the sound of one guitar broke my mind. It was the intro of the song “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits.

That sound put in me hungry for more. I was around five years old and now I´m 39. And hungry has become in need of new bands and groups. Sorry!!.. I forgot to say this, I also love video games so much from the same age. So when I updated to Rock Band 4 Rivals my world became bigger. Let me tell you one little history:

Rock Band 3 offered to me the opportunity to know a lot of new musicians and bands. “The best” songs, in my humble opinion, were at the Rock Band Network. Ok!, not ALL of them, but if you wanted to prove yourself, you had to pick that selection. Off course the great hits for all time are good songs, but as I said, I´m hungry for new stuff constantly, and Rock Band 3 gave me that, and also REAL instruments!!.
With Rock Band 3 I was happy…they had hundreds of new bands and some other new songs each week..perfect!!…but you, my friends, must know that destiny doesn´t want to me be happy and Rock Band Networks ended. One of the saddest days in that year. I felt abandoned…how could be that possible?..my “snacks factory” closed!!. So..i came back to career mode.

-My old Xbox 360 Game Set- (“nostalgic sigh”)

After a time Rock Band 4 was released and after time again I did get my first Xbox one to play it.

At the beginning was like one step back… I could not play online and that was not good for me, but… I was happy again, One big songs store and easy to control was in it. New musicians and bands to test my skills after playing years of Rock Band games franchise. Great artist work, soberer than his predecessor..but with that new smell that pretty things bring..and it was a surprise to feel an increase in general difficulty. Harmonix made it better again. The new frets interface are more shining and overwhelmed. But still I can find some problems to find an acceptable equilibrium between synchronization and frets speed, however, playing amazing original songs makes me feel like a “RockStar” and the emulation is bigger when you got your own right calibration numbers. Definitely Great.

And then…the multiplayer solution appears, and – Rock Band Rivals




I don´t need too much time to describe the good feeling I had again when I knew that could be possible to play online with other people…GREAT!!!

The process to update from Rock Band 4 to Rock Band Rivals was simple:
I pressed the update link inside my Rock Band 4 game and I made all the things my Xbox one said to me to do.
And after the payment with Xbox one, only 29.99€ (Europe) and one long update, some things changed in the game: Rivals (YES!!!), Brutal Mode (YES!!), Rockudrama (YES!) and around 40 extra songs to my library. Suddenly, my Rock Band game was alive again.

I´m just going to reference Rivals mode in this history to not make too much extenze this text.

Rock Band Rivals was what I needed and I started to play and I can´t stop. And now, here I am, trying to explain to you why this game is special for me meanwhile I´m writing this post in this blog created for all music lovers and all Rock Band Fans.

And I would like to get those pretty red wings, and I´m sure many of you also want the Bloodstone Wings. But the challenge is not easy, and many good players are together. I only can get Diamond on my own, I need some extra help.

-Season 12 rewards-

If you are looking for a crew or you are one of those players who have its own crew but no members, come with me and we help each other to get those wings and conquer the Dark Side of Rock Band Rivals.

No matter your skills, just connect sometimes while The Challenge is running and enjoy the game without fear to fail a Full Combo..and I don´t want to be rude but…please!, please!, please! …don´t restart the same song over and over and over…just have fun and play more songs as you can, online or with friends, your skills will progress and that restarted song will be easy for you one day.

Rules are simple, play as much as you can and have the same fun. And send me a message if you want to play with me, if I´m online, why not?.

I´m trying to get my own Crew and it´s not easy for me to find gamers to connect within my country. (I’m from Spain, maybe now all this text has more sense?)

As a final point, if you love music as much I do, and if you want to feel yourself like a RockStar playing with other people, you should think about the update and create your own crew with friends, or also you can join to my Crew: BEAROCKHERO.

Meanwhile…here you got one song maybe you’ve heard before…or maybe not?…

Tell me in comments: How was your first experience with this song?. Have you got a better video of your crew playing this song?…you can add your video into the following link:




-About AdraMerc-

Gamertag – Xbox-: AdraMerc

You know what? When I play Rock Band Rivals I feel like playing real instruments and in that way, I treat my plastic instruments. For that reason, mistakes happen, and no shame. Don’t be scared to fail, because in my “Green Room” you´ll find “no-fail” mode – OFF. But that is the pure game..”no-fail” is a good new thing, but all of you who know the game from the beginning also know that the real challenge was pass through the songs when red shinings were on the border of the screen..this use to be the test that said to you if you were prepared for the next song.

“Hit by the `Crazy Train´”

Personally, I just try to keep constant the sound of the song, while my hands (both) explode in the “solos”.

–  Two very personal comments –

1.- I don´t believe this game should be played as Clone Hero or any simple emulator, Rock Band is soo much more, as well his Fender guitar..(10 frets!!!).

2.- And sometimes less is better. Be sincere to yourself with your difficulty mode. Better sound, more points, and more fun.

– Extra Information –

  • First, I play to have fun, with ANYONE. I´m not a full combo gamer, many times I do, but I don´t look for it. I´m a 99% gold-star player in most of the songs, all instruments, and not always gold. But The Challenge, achievements, and missions require full band and better players than me.
  • Second: I have different local time in my own country. I usually play in deep night when European gamers are sleeping. And this game is not popular in Spain. That´s why I need gamers from other countries.
  • Third. I have no mic, at the moment.
  • Fourth: I “only” have 720 songs
  • Fifth: I usually stream my “Green Room” party.

Links to buy the game Rock Band 4 and expansion Rock Band Rivals

ROCK BAND 4 – https://www.rockband4.com/

ROCK BAND RIVALS – https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/rock-band-rivals-expansion/c3dq6v97p678?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

You can find me here:


TWITTER: AdraMerc https://twitter.com/AdraMerc

INSTAGRAM: AdraMerc https://instagram.com/AdraMerc

FACEBOOK: AdraMerc https://facebook.com/AdraMerc

MIXER: AdraMerc https://mixer.com/AdraMerc

TWITCH: AdraMerc https://twitch.tv/AdraMerc

Thanks for your time

Let´s Rock!!!!!

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