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At only age 16, GUNNAR signed him to his management company The cut starts with soaring, distorted guitars and an assertive kick-drum beat, leading to GUNNAR’s confident vocals supported by a sparse keyboard line and authoritative bass. Before long we reach the irresistible chorus that provides some of the most compelling sonic moments of “Bad Idea.” At 2:18 there’s a reprise of the guitar-riff-over-pulsing-rhythm-section arrangement found at the top of the song before, a mere five seconds later, things come to an aggressive stop-start instrumental construct that then dovetails into a stadium-worthy final chorus and outro. This one’s catchy and impactful enough that you’ll swear it’s much shorter than its 3:50 run-time (once again – hooray for the Rewind function!). If you’re not yet on board with GUNNAR, now’s a prime opportunity to be able to tell all your friends, when they “discover” him in a few months, “Oh, you’re only now listening to GUNNAR? Damn, I’ve been a massive fan ever since I played ‘Bad Idea’ on RB4 back in March of 2023!”…read more:

– Album: Best Mistake


– About GUNNAR

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